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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp: How The QBs Fared On Friday

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On Friday when one would think that the Arizona Cardinals took things down a notch in intensity, they didn't, even though they will have a physical practice on Saturday that will be in front of thousands of fans. But the biggest question at the end of practice by fans is always, "which quarterback did better?"

Here are the observations of Kent Somers from the Arizona Republic.

It was Kevin Kolb's turn as starter today, and the first unit didn't do much against the first defense in the opening red zone session. John Skelton fared better when it was backups against backups. Kolb played better, I thought, in his second session of the period.

Kolb played well, too, in the two-minute offense later in practice. He lobbed a nice, long pass to Larry Fitzgerald, who caught it over cornerback A.J. Jefferson.

If Skelton plays better against backups, it doesn't really help him much, especially if Kolb is solid against the first team. Still, no one is saying which one is in the lead.

How will both fare in front of the biggest crowd of camp? We will see on Saturday.

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