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Cardinals Training Camp 2012: Cornerback A Competition To Watch

Because quarterback is such an important position in the game of football, it tends to get a lot of the attention from media and fans. Cornerback, however, is another extremely important position because a large part of their job is limiting what those opposing quarterbacks can do. For the Arizona Cardinals, the cornerback position seems to have some nice depth. As the AP's Bob Baum points out, Greg Toler, who missed all of last season with a torn ACL, free agent signee William Gay, former starter A.J. Jefferson, promising rookie Jamell Fleming, and Michael Adams will all be challenging for a roster spot.

Baum passed on some comments from coach Ken Whisenhunt, from Thursday's news conference. "There's going to be a player or two that we're going to have to release that's going to be able to play for another team," Whiz said. "That's not something that we've always faced in the last few years, but we'll see how it all pans out."

"I feel very good about the quality of cornerbacks that we have competing for spots out there. We've got some very good young players. We've got some strong leaders. I think not necessarily just the corners but the secondary in general has got a chance to be a strength for us."

It's an underrated position of strength for the Cardinals going into 2012, and one to watch during the rest of training camp.

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