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Is John Skelton Just A 'Plot Device' To Push Kevin Kolb?

Over at the SB Nation main page, Ryan Van Bibber wrote up an excellent post regarding one big question for each NFL team and how they should go about facing it.

For the Cardinals, the question is, and always will be, about the quarterback position. Who will be the guy under center for Arizona this season? Kevin Kolb or John Skelton?

Not only does Van Bibber think it will be Kolb, but by taking a few things away from his words, he doesn't seem to even think it's much of a competition at all.

Here is what he had to say:

It looks and sounds as though the Cardinals have a quarterback battle. The truth is John Skelton's really more of a plot device deigned to push Kevin Kolb in his existential battle to be the player the Cardinals hoped he would be. A foot injury and a concussions forced Kolb to miss effectively half the season in 2011, and his stats left something to be desired. Arizona made eyes at Peyton Manning this spring. Can Kolb solidify his place as a bona fide starting quarterback?

The Cardinals paid Kevin Kolb a lot of money to have them as their new starting quarterback. $21 million guaranteed for a guy that did not have much experience in the league is quite a bit, but they thought he could be their man. Last season, that didn't appear to be the case.

So when John Skelton came into the ball game and started winning games, everyone was somewhat surprised. The fact is, he really didn't player better than Kolb, but the people around him just happened to play better than when Kolb was in. The offensive line and the defense performed at a higher level in the second half of the season.

Here's the weird thing: I kind of agree with Van Bibber. I don't see Skelton even really having a chance of winning this 'competition'. Ken Whisenhunt has already come out and said he wants Kolb to win the job and the team gave up too much to get him, both in money and in assets. They have to see the toy they paid so much to acquire.

If Kolb fails once again, this could be his last season in the desert. And it could be the coaching staff's as well. That is why he will not only play in 2012 as the starting QB, but he will need to succeed as well.

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