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Arizona Cardinals Players Refute Report That Teammates Prefer John Skelton

On NFL Network's Total Access, analyst and former NFL player Willie McGinest stated that talking to some of his friends on the Arizona Cardinals, he learned that some of the players are gravitating to John Skelton, essentially saying that the team is pulling for him to be the starter over Kevin Kolb.

After Wednesday's practice, some of the players on the team rejected that notion.

Kicker Jay Feely came out and clearly said, "I don't know who Willie was talking to," referring to the quarterback situation as a competition rather than a controversy, "which is what you want."

Larry Fitzgerald was in line with Feely with his comments.

When asked about McGinest, Fitz responded, "Really? I haven't heard that in the locker room. I've heard some guys say, 'we want the best guy to lead our team.' I've heard them say that before, but I haven't heard anyone leaning towards anyone."

When pushed on whether it is a good idea to come out and say who you support, Fitz said it wasn't what you should do. "As a teammate, you never want to go off the record and make comments like that behind people's back," he said.

"You don't pull for one guy because you have a personal relationship with everybody and you want to see them all do good, but obviously there's only one quarterback position, and once that guy is announced, we're going to stand behind him," he said.

Obviously, nobody is going to come out right now and take a stand on who should be the QB. It would be a terrible thing to do. Just as Fitz said, the players have personal relationships with both these guys. They are "brothers" in the locker room -- part of a family.

In the end, the guy that plays the best is going to get the job. That's what the teammates want. in the end, they want to win. The guy that plays the best will be the best option to help the team do that.

Clearly, Feely and Fitz will want to protect the locker room, but just as likely is that McGinest inferred much more from any supposed comments than what was intended.

But regardless of who players might prefer now, their minds could certainly change over the next month.

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