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John Skelton Might Have Teammates On His Side, But That Doesn't Matter Yet

Former NFL linebacker and now NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest had some thoughts on the Arizona Cardinals and their quarterback situation on Total Access. According to friends he has on the Cardinals team, players prefer John Skelton over Kevin Kolb.

"Talking to some of my buddies down there, it seems like they're gravitating toward Skelton a little bit more," McGinest said.

Now, in all honestly, the friends he has on the Cardinals are probably defensive players. In fact, since Warren Sapp also said the same thing not too long ago on the same show, and actually referred to Darnell Dockett, it is not far fetched to think that McGinest also spoke to Dockett in this case.

The truth of the matter is that it really does not matter who the team prefers...yet. and the reason is simply because nothing has happened yet.

It is natural for the players to feel good about Skelton. He was the quarterback when the team was winning. They respect that. He does have some intangibles that his teammates like. He made big plays late in games.

But if you look at the numbers, there is nothing there statistically that tells you Skelton should be the starter. It's just the wins and losses -- and if you look at the games the team won, it was more about the defense and special teams play than it was about quarterback play.

But I get it. Skelton is big, tough and likeable.

But before we start saying that the players have chosen a guy, lets' let this thing play out.

There is a bit of a secret here. You know what would happen if Kevin Kolb were to play well in practice and the preseason, stepping ahead of Skelton? Shhhh...the players would gravitate to him instead of Skelton.

Crazy, right?

NFL players want the best players on the field on their team. So if Kolb plays better than Skelton, nobody is going to want Skelton out there instead unless it is something personal. They want their team put in the best position to win. Who ever plays better at quarterback puts the team in a better position to win, with or without great defensive or special teams play.

The issue of the locker room comes up in one scenario -- the two players play evenly in the preseason. If that happens, then is when players start taking sides and it can become an issue.

But we haven't gotten to that point.

So when people say that the locker room is in Kolb's or Skelton's corner, it really means nothing right now.

The battle will play itself out, the choice should be clear by the end. If it isn't, then we need to worry.

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