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Arizona Cardinals Offering 'Protect The Nest' Ticket Packages

Teams around sports are coming up with more ways to sell tickets. In the NFL, selling more tickets benefits everybody because of the local blackout rules enforced by the league. A team must sell out its games to have it televised locally.

The Arizona Cardinals have done this for a couple of years, but once again are selling "Protect the Nest" ticket packages.

There are two games on the Cardinals schedule that will not be sold as individual games. To get those games, you will have to purchase a pack of tickets.

The first game is the Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers. To purchase a ticket for that game, you must also get one foe the September 9 season opener vs. the Seattle Seahawks and the September 30 contest between them and the Miami Dolphins.

The other game is the December 23 game hosting the Chicago Bears. To get ticket to that game, you mist also add the season opener and the September 30 game against the Miami Dolphins.

Annoying? Perhaps to some fans. Costly, but if the team can get people to pay it, I guess it isn't too much.

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