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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Preview: The Quarterback Position Has Everyone's Attention

While there will be many roster battles up at Arizona Cardinals training camp, the quarterback dilemma creates the biggest headline.

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Training camp is just a few days away for the Arizona Cardinals and judging by all of their Twitter accounts, the players are getting antsy to get back on the field. While in Flagstaff, there will be plenty for each and every player to prove and the headlines will be endless.

The biggest, of course, is who will be the starting quarterback for the Cardinals this season. The team has narrowed it down to two options at this point: Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

Kolb is considered by many to be the favorite to land the job, but he will have to earn it. The team traded quite a bit to the Eagles to acquire him and then doled out a huge payday to sign him long-term. So far, he hasn't shown that he is worthy of all of that, but this is his year. He will need to avoid injuries and show that he is comfortable within the offense to retain his position.

His competition, John Skelton, is a hungry young man that won't stop until he is officially told that Kolb has won the job. And even then, he will keep working to try and earn it. The Cardinals went 6-2 with him at QB last season, butt he young Fordham alum still has plenty to work on. He can be wildly inaccurate at times and his decision making will need to improve.

But that isn't the only QB battle on the Cardinals' roster. Ryan Lindley, a sixth round pick in the most recent NFL Draft, may have been a draft selection, but that does not mean he has locked up the third spot. He will be battling the incumbent, Rich Bartel. Both are qualified third string players, but since it is unlikely that the Cardinals carry four QB's, one of them will probably find themselves on the outside looking in.

While the quarterback battles might be the most looked out for, they are not the only ones. Keep with us as we preview every major position in the coming days.

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