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Larry Fitzgerald Was Among The Highest Paid Athletes In 2011

Cardinals fans know that Larry Fitzgerald is rich and famous. If you follow the NFL, you will also know that in 2011 he signed a eight-year contract worth $120 million. Because of that contract and its signing bonus, Fitz finds himself on Sports Illustrated's "Fortunate 50," which is a compiled list of the highest paid athletes for the year, including salaries, winnings and endorsements.

Fitzgerald, after not being among the "Fortunate 50" in 2010, now is in the top 10, right at number 10.

He made $26.75 million in salary and bonuses. He only earned $500,000 in endorsements.

Of the top 10, he was by far the guy that earned the least in endorsements. The next lowest amount from endorsements was Alex Rodriguez' $3.5 million.

Now, much of that salary number is because he was paid his signing bonus. That means that a year from now he likely will not be on that list.

But the bigger question is why he is not an athlete endorser for more products. He is one of the NFL's biggest stars, he is well spoken and is one of the nicest people in the league. he is all business.

Fitzgerald in more commercials? That is something we all wish were true. Until that day, wait and sit tight. Although, based on recent history, even that might not do the trick.

So congrats to Fitz and his contract. It was well-deserved. He is one of the few athletes you might actually say is worth the money the team pays him.

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