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Throw The Ball To Fitz, Get A Starting Job?

The Arizona Cardinals still do not have a starting quarterback. They traded for Kevin Kolb and saw him get hurt and struggle in a new offensive system. They drafted John Skelton and saw him win games in the backs of the defense and some timely plays. Now the two battle in the offseason, training camp and the preseason to become top dog.

One writer thinks it is pretty simple who gets the job. Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports thinks it is all about Larry Fitzgerald.

Call the Arizona offense West Coast, or East Coast, but what it really comes down to is getting Larry Fitzgerald the ball and the quarterback who does that wins the job.

As much as that might make sense, it isn't that accurate.

Yes, Fitz wants the ball thrown his way. However, it doesn't matter who throws the ball, he gets it thrown to him. His production with Derek Anderson, Max Hall, Kolb and Skelton is not much of a dropoff from when it was Kurt Warner throwing him the ball.

What sets a QB apart from others? The ability to get the ball to Fitz and to everyone else. What was special about Warner was his ability to spread the ball around. Fitz, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston all had over 1000 yard receiving.

The Cards have many offensive weapons now. They have a talented receiving corps, tight ends that can catch the ball and running backs that are threats.

The starting quarterback will not be decided based on getting the ball to Fitzgerald. It will be decided on how well he does at getting the ball to him in key moments and getting the ball to him AND others.

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