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Larry Fitzgerald, Future Astronaut?

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver has traveled all over the world. He has made millions of dollars. He has achieved most of what you can achieve on the football field. He apparently is bored. Now he wants to go into outer space, according to what he told Darren Urban from the team's official website.

It isn't just a pipe dream, either. He apparently has already looked into it and is sitting tight because of the financial aspect.

"I try to make decisions .. within my means," Fitzgerald said, before bringing up that he wants to go into space some day. "I want to go into orbit. But it costs a million dollars right now and that's out of my budget. In a couple of years, when that (price) comes on down a little bit, I will do that and try it out, but right now, it's on my bucket list. It's just not feasible right now."

It's strange to hear a pro athlete, especially one with the financial means of Fitzgerald, talking about a budget.

My question is this -- if he goes up in space, what else is he going to do? He's going to be in the Hall of Fame, he has been to a Super Bowl, he has millions of dollars, he's traveled the world. If he goes into space, what will he do the rest of his life?

Not that we ought to worry much. He'll figure it out.

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