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Arizona Cardinals Could Be Arranging Combined Training Camp Practice With

The Arizona Cardinals will play two preseason games within five days to start their schedule. They will play in the Hall of Fame Game against the New Orleans Saints on August 5 and against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on August 10. In a move perhaps to cut down on travel and maximize practice time, it is being reported that the Cardinals are looking to have some practice with the Chiefs at Missouri Western State University.

In 2010, the Cardinals practiced with the Tennessee Titans, but after their preseason contest. In this case, it would appear that it might be before the game.

Nothing is actually scheduled yet, but there is the possibility of it happening. If it were to happen, it would reunite the Cardinals with former player and current Chiefs receiver Steve Breaston.

The Cardinals will start their training camp on July 24 in Flagstaff, Arizona and hold their first practice on the afternoon of the 25th. The rest of the schedule is yet to be determined. The Chiefs have not yet released the start of their training camp. The earliest that teams can begin is two weeks before their first preseason game.

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