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2012 Cardinals Offseason: Larry Fitzgerald Speaks

Always one of the classiest guys in sports, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver sat down with KTAR in Arizona with Doug and Wolf to discuss his offseason. And even though Doug and Wolf tried to get some deeper conversation out of Fitzgerald, he managed the situation like Fitz always does and stated nothing that would show favoritism to any of his teammates. He focused only on the positive, which is always Fitzgerald's outlook.

On how close he expects the quarterback competition to be between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton:

"That's really a question for Coach [Ken] Whisenhunt can probably answer. [Quarterbacks coach] John McNulty can answer better. I really just try to stay out of it as much as I possibly can. Just try to make my plays and do what I am coached to do and be responsible for that. The cream rises to the top. I know by Week 1 when we go out there, we'll have our guy. We'll be supportive of that person."

While Fitzgerald steers clear of any quarterback controversy, he's reverted his attention to making sure that rookie wide receiver Michael Floyd is on the right track.

On his first impressions of Floyd:

"...He consistently catches the ball. He's strong and physical at the line of scrimmage. He's an intelligent young man. He's really picking up and grasping things. [Cardinals Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Mike] Miller will tell him one thing one time in a meeting and the next day you see him apply it on the field. It's really nice to see a young guy take coaching in the classroom and apply immediately on the football field."

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