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Is Beanie Wells Overrated, Calais Campbell Underrated?

There are a lot of questions for the Arizona Cardinals as they head towards the beginning of the 2012 season, and both running back Beanie Wells and defensive end Calais Campbell figure to be important parts to whatever success that Cardinals can have.

However, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports feels that one of these players is more highly touted than he should be and one less so. According to him, Beanie is the most overrated player on the team, whole Campbell is the most underrated. Revenge of the Birds reacted to this post as well.

Wrote Prisco:

Overrated: RB Beanie Wells. I know he's a big back and they've waited for big things, but I just don't see it. And he offers nothing in the passing game. I expect Ryan Williams to steal more carries this season.

Underrated: DE Calais Campbell. He was one of the best 3-4 ends in 2011. He played better than the more heralded Darnell Dockett, which is why the Cardinals signed him to a long-term deal.

Now to respond...Wells really proved himself a season ago. While 1000 yards in a season in and of itself is not impressive anymore, considering how he did it is reason to be excited. He played most of the season with a bad knee, showing a toughness he had previously not done.

At this point, Wells is not overrated. While he played well in 2011, he is not far from being considered a draft bust. Yes, he may have decreased production in 2012 because he will be sharing carries with a hopefully healthy Ryan Williams, but that does not make him overrated.

Campbell at this point may be slightly underrated, but not too much so. He just signed a very lucrative contract. He doesn't have the reputation among players and coaches that teammate Darnell Dockett has, but that likely will change entering this season. Few defensive ends have the impact that Campbell can have in rushing the QB, making tackles and impacting special teams.

Is he underrated? Not for long. Wells overrated? Not really.

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