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Arizona Cardinals LB Clark Haggans Sentenced To Nine Days In Jail For DUI

And here is the curious case of Clark Haggans, who will be spending over a week in jail for a strange DUI case.

Apparently Haggans was at a concert when he received a call from his daughter's babysitter that she was having trouble breathing. Haggans couldn't find his wife and decided to rush home despite being slightly intoxicated. Eventually he ran a red light, was pulled over and cited for moving violations and DUI suspicions. Not a good time for Haggans, who eventually had to agree to a short jail sentence after making an agreement with district attorneys.

If you'd like to see the actual statement from Haggans on the matter, see the Tweet after the jump.

Haggans will apparently still be able to do workouts during his sentence. Pretty odd story.

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