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Arizona Cardinals RB Ryan Williams Planning On Playing In Season Opener

When the Arizona Cardinals drafted running back Ryan Williams, the coaches believed that there was something special about him. when he was in training camp last year, he looked special. When he went down in a preseason game with a torn patella tendon, which immediately ended his season, his teammates reacted in a way only common for players that made an impact on his teammates -- and Williams seemed to have done that in just a short amount of time.

Now in minicamp a year later, Williams is still limited, but participated in Wednesday's Fan Fest, carrying the ball three times in 11-on-11 drills.

Speaking with writer Darren Urban after the practice, Williams said, "I haven't run that fast since I got hurt. They sprinkled me in there. My first carry, I was like, ‘Wow, I'm almost back. I'm almost back."

That doesn't mean we are going to see a ton of him in training camp at the end of next month, or even in the preseason.

"My expectation is back by Week One," he explained. "Preseason is more ‘We'll see, do we want him in here.' Most important thing is Week One. Regardless of what goes on in preseason, by the first week, the record is still 0-0."

Williams, paired with Beanie Wells, who is also recovering from knee surgery, leave the team with two very big question marks in the running game. However, if Williams is healthy and effective, regardless of what happens with Beanie, the Cardinals offense will look much better and fans will feel the excitement that Williams brought in just a short time a year ago.

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