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Booing Of Kevin Kolb During Fan Fest Is Very Premature

At the Wednesday night Arizona Cardinals Fan Fest held at University of Phoenix Stadium, there was a rumor tweeted out that fans were booing quarterback Kevin Kolb during practice drills. writer Darren Urban confirmed this in a tweet, who also tweeted that the reaction to John Skelton was not one way or the other.

But the fact that fans are already lining up to go against Kolb seems a little odd. It would make sense if he had been on the team for a while and been a disappointment. He showed up a year ago and played unevenly when he played and got hurt, so that isn't it.

It would also make sense if he had made some derogatory comments about the fans, city, team, coaches or situation. He hasn't done that (there was another potential franchise quarterback who did many of those).

It would make sense if he had played terribly. He didn't. In fact, he was statistically better than John Skelton a season ago.

I get it. Skelton is very likeable. He has some wins under his belt (that he has some credit for, but much goes to the defense and special teams). He was drafted by the team. He was a low draft pick, which gives him underdog status. He doesn't have the injury baggage yet.

I can see why fans would get behind him. But it was just a year ago that fans were thrilled to see Kolb brought to the team. He hasn't done anything to warrant boos yet.

While there is no sure thing about either player, if Kolb ends up with the starting job (which most believe he is the favorite to so) and has success, it would definitely add to the lore of Arizona booing. Fan booed when the Phoenix Suns drafted Dan Majerle, who only became one of the team's most popular players ever.

So far, the fans have seen nothing in practice. They do not know a thing about either QB's play this year. Training camp is still a month away.

Booing is premature. Ken Whisenhunt is letting the decision happen naturally. One guy will grab hold of it. Fans need to relax in this case. It's June. They haven't even put pads on.

It's ok to prefer Skelton. It really isn't ok to boo a guy that hasn't done anything wrong.

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