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Michael Floyd Making Transition From College To Pros With Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals first round pick Michael Floyd signed his first professional contract on Monday and spoke to reporters after his first practice in mandatory minicamp. Although he just barely got his contract done, he was not worried and had planned on participating anyway. "I was confident the whole time," he said, regarding the contract situation. "I'm not one of them guys that would sit out anyway, because it would eventually get done, so I just want to get out here and get better each and every day. Eventually, that would have worked out."

When asked about the biggest difference between being in college and in the pros so far, he gave one of the standard answers, "I think that it mostly is the speed of the game." But then he added on a lighter note, "you don't have to worry about four or five classes every single day."

Luckily, he has Larry Fitzgerald as a teammate, who helps him in two ways. One is that he checks to be sure that Floyd is studying the playbook and "he tries to make sure I make less errors on the field" and helps with reading defenses.

Floyd is off to a good start, but still has some issues with the quad he injured earlier in the offseason. Ken Whisenhunt noted that Floyd has not wanted to come off the field, which is a trait he admires and likes seeing. Plus, he does make plays every once in a while "that remind us why we drafted him."

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