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If Ryan Lindley Is Starting In 2012, Something Went Terribly Wrong

When the Arizona Cardinals drafted San Diego State quarterback Ryan Lindley in the sixth round of the NFL Draft last month, it was mildly surprising. The team has two players in Kevin Kolb and John Skelton that it believes can handle the starting job for years to come. However, it is always a good plan to think ahead and develop young talent to either play or perhaps trade off after he has been showcased a little.

However, when SI's Peter King said that Lindley would be the fourth most impactful player of the draft, some eyebrows were raised.

King wrote this:

Whoa, you say. Pump the brakes, pal. Nope. Lindley started 49 games in a pro-style offense in college, and the Cardinals aren't sold that Kevin Kolb is the long-term answer. Something tells me Lindley will have his shot to play by midseason.

Starting by midseason?

It is true that if you put together footage of his best throws, they rival any QB in the draft. But when you put together his worst throws, you would see a guy that wouldn't get drafted.

He obviously has upside and everyone in the league loves a big arm. But with troubles with accuracy and consistency, what are you left with?

Waiting, Waiting...OK. I'll say it. You have Derek Anderson.

I'm not here to say that Lindley is Anderson. He has potential. But the idea that he could have a shot at starting in 2012 is absurd.

That would assume that either Kolb or Skelton were were on the shelf with injury and the other were playing absolutely terribly.

We saw that in 2010 when Skelton started. Derek Anderson and Max Hall both were injured, so Skelton was the guy by default.

But we already know that the team is committed to the Kolb/Skelton combo right now. If one is hurt, the other will get the playing time. Period.

There is one other scenario that could get Lindley a start, but it wouldn't be by midseason. It would be if teh team had long wrapped up a playoff spot and one of the two other QBs were hurt. I could see Lindley starting Week 17 in a meaningless tuneup game. But no other way.

Remember, while Peter King is well respected, he also thought that Max Hall was the guy. Max Hall was just...well, Max Hall.

Beware at the thought of Lindley starting. If he is, something way very wrong with the 2012 season.

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