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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Talking Quentin Groves, Steve Breaston Leaving And A Too Early Look At The Final Roster

The Arizona Cardinals podcast featured on the SB Nation Arizona Cardinals site Revenge of the Birds has brought us another episode during the offseason. Even though information and stories might be light, Mario, Joe and Tyler talk some more Arizona Cardinals.

What do they focus on this week?

For one, they discuss the signing of former Oakland Raiders linebacker Quentin Groves. They discuss whether the signing is a good one and whether or not he will make the final roster.

In an interesting discussion, they talk about former Cardinals wideout Steve Breaston. Why? To decide whether or not, a year later, letting him go on and sign with the Kansas City Chiefs was a good thing for the team, especially now with the drafting of Michael Floyd.

Lastly, the crew talks about some players that might be overrated and could see their way off the roster an headed to NFL unemployment (or another team, as is the case frequently).

All of that and much more were covered in this edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. To listen to the latest episode on your phone, click here. Or, if you are on your computer, just use the embedded player below. Thanks for listening!

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