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Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb Not Concerned About Concussions

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The Arizona Cardinals have had trouble with their passing game, primarily because of the lousy pass protection they've had. Quarterback Kevin Kolb has been the primary victim, as he's been sacked and injured on multiple occasions. Most notably, Kolb suffered concussions that took him out of action for the final few games of the 2011 regular season.

There are definite concerns as to how healthy Kolb will be next season. But Kolb doesn't seem all that concerned and thinks he should be okay. Darren Urban of files this report.

"I don’t worry about them," Kolb said. "It was a freak deal. They don’t happen all the time."

He also insisted he isn’t worried about the long-term problem, saying, "you can’t. If something comes up I’ll worry about it then. Right now, my head is clear and I know I will be in the league a long time."

Kolb searched for and found a new helmet to wear this offseason, one he said will give him better protection — especially in the back of the head, where "most of the concussions come from."

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic has more on Kolb, including a potential recovery period from Greg Toler. If all the proper precautions are in place, Kolb should be ok as time goes by, and Toler should also be on the path to recovery as well.

much when voluntary practices began. Toler is coming off ACL repair and estimated he was 85 percent. He wanted to do more than ran and cut in individual drills: he wanted to guard receivers.

He's getting his wish -- sort of. Toler was impressive in the first week of OTAs last week and his work load increased just a little on Tuesday, the first day of the second week.

"It's hard to not give him more after what we saw last week," coach Ken Whisenhunt said, "but he's on a pretty strict play-count. I think we're obviously focusing more on making sure he's ready to go in training camp. And we've got a lot of guys at that position right now that we want to look at.

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