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Arizona Birdgang Podcast Talks OTAs, Injuries And Coaching Salaries

Now that the NFL offseason is finally starting to bring actual news as teams are now working out and players are in drills and starting to do actual football activities.

Mario, Joe and Tyler got back together for a late night session in the studio to record thelatest episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast .

This is the summary, according to Tyler:

First up in the show, we gave the fans some updates regarding some of the players on the team. Beanie Wells' knee injury may have be worse than originally thought, Ryan Williams is slowly but surely coming back and Jeff King looks to be out until training camp with a quadriceps tear.

After that, we discuss Patrick Peterson making it into the NFL Top 100 list as a rookie and some expectations for him heading into the 2012 season. Can he not only retain his punt returning abilities, but also become the shutdown corner that everyone is praying he can become?

It was reported earlier this week that Arizona Cardinals head coach, Ken Whisenhunt is among the top 10 highest paid coaches in all of professional sports. Is his $5.75 million pricetag a reasonable one? We each give our opinions and discuss the matter in depth.

Finally, the NFL owners recently instituted a new rule that will go into effect in 2013 regarding player safety. Basically, all players will be forced to wear knee and thigh pads as part of the rules from then on out to protect them from leg injuries. Is it fair for the owners to levy these rules against them? Will it make a difference?

All of that and much more were covered in this edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. To listen to the latest episode on your phone, click here. Or, if you are on your computer, just use the embedded player below. Thanks for listening!