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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Jeff King And Beanie Wells Injury Updates

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The Arizona Cardinals saw their OTAs start up earlier today. There was unfortunately one major casualty in tight end Jeff King, who went down with a partial quadriceps tear. Darren Urban filed this report from the Birds Blog.

The Cardinals had almost everyone on the field today to start OTAs. One man who had hoped to be out there was veteran tight end Jeff King, but it turns out he suffered a partial tear of his quadriceps tendon recently working out at the facility. He had surgery to repair it and is scheduled to return for training camp.

UPDATE: King saw my tweet of this blog post and replied via Twitter: "Will come back stronger…."The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire." "

Beanie Wells also deflected talk about surgery on his right knee, although he appeared pretty positive about the whole situation. Kent Somers filed this report for

So, he was asked, what were the details of the surgery? "Just a scope, cleaned things up."

He asked if meniscus was involved.

"Naw, not really meniscus. It was a little more complicated."

Asked later if he had microfracture surgery, Wells smiled as he walked into the locker room.

So it's pretty unclear what type of injury Wells actually got surgery on, so it's hard to see how long the surgery would keep him sidelined. There's a lot of uncertainty there, but the Cardinals running back sounded upbeat, so it might not be too much of a concern.

For more updates on King, Wells and Cardinals fans, head on over to Revenge of the Birds.

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