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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals Drop Back To 21st After Draft

Now that the NFL draft is over, most teams are looking forward to the beginning of their summer offseason programs. What a better time that to release SB Nation's latest batch of Power Rankings!

Unfortunately the draft didn't do much good for the Cardinals power rank, dropping them from 18th to 21st in SB Nation's latest installment.

Here is Joel Thorman with the commentary:

21. Arizona Cardinals (8-8, LW: 18): Love the addition of Michael Floyd. But who's going to be completing those passes? Receivers only take you so far.

The fact of the matter is that there are multiple question marks surrounding multiple facets of the team as a whole, and wide receiver was certainly further down the line in terms of need compared, to say, the offensive line. Nevertheless Arizona has to play the cards they were dealt, hopefully that equates to more victories in 2012.

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