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Matt Leinart Signs With Oakland Raiders: His Career Has Come Full Circle

Arizona Cardinals fans remember Matt Leinart well. He was the "gift from heaven" that dropped toe the 10th pick when he was drafted. He had some pretty good games his rookie season before he broke his collarbone. He never was quite the same after that.

The rest is pretty much history. Kurt Warner beat him out in open competition and took the team to a Super Bowl. When Warner retired, Leinart didn't do anything to really keep the starting job and popped off with the press about his coach, leading to his being cut.

He landed with the Houston Texans, where he impressed the coaching staff. He even had the perfect chance to show his stuff last season when Matt Schaub went down with a foot injury that ended his season.

Leinart got the start, but couldn't finish the game, as he once again broke his collarbone.

He was let go by Houston, but he signed with the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday.

That move brought him back to the start of things, which could be good for him.

He is back in California, where he loves it. He is backing up Carson Palmer, whom he backed up when he was at USC.

When that happened last time, when Palmer left, Leinart became a college champ and a Heisman Trophy winner.

Now what?

Likely, he will earn himself a pretty good paycheck for not having to play any football. Because, if he does play, we know his collarbone is made of glass.

But wouldn't it be cool to see some California magic?