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Arizona Cardinals' Pursuit Of Peyton Manning Had Foreshadowing

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The biggest noise that he Arizona Cardinals made this offseason besides the NFL Draft was something that in the end meant nothing. They tried to woo Peyton Manning and land him in Arizona for the final season of his pro career. In the end, Manning chose to sign with the Denver Broncos and the Cards went back to their original plan of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton battling for the starting QB job.

Some have wondered what Kolb and Skelton must have felt while the team pursue the future Hall of Famer.

An interesting thing happened. Arizona Republic beat writer Kent Somers ran across a quote doing some research for a story that is actually kind of funny.

The day that final cuts were made going into last season, Ken Whisenhunt said this about the quarterback position:

"The only (position) that is pretty much safe is the quarterback. But if one of those top guys like Brady or Manning or those guys become available, we'll consider it."

Somers suggests that Kolb and Skelton should have been prepared for the pursuit of Manning.

Pretty much every starting quarterback not named Brees, Brady, Eli or Rodgers should have felt like Manning could have taken their job.

The great part of all of this is that when Whiz said that, it was not meant to be serious. He was saying how good he felt about the guys he had and was probably trying to be a little flippant.

Or he had inside which case he was simply prepping his guys for the possibility of what happened.

And if he had insider info...hmmm.

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