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Arizona Cardinals Quarterbacks Kevin Kolb, John Skelton In Even Heat For Starting Job

The Arizona Cardinals will enter the summer months with an unenviable situation: uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position. Despite handing Kevin Kolb the big bucks after coming over from the Eagles two years ago, Kolb has failed to consistently produce on the field due to injuries and poor decision making. John Skelton played a good majority of the second half of the 2011 season in Arizona, although he struggled to avoid turnovers more times than not.

According to head coach Ken Whisenhunt, the battle between Kolb and Skelton is 'as even as a competition can be.' Pro Football Talk has the latest on the situation:

Whisenhunt told Jim Rome on Rome that he doesn't know who his starting quarterback will be, and he's as eager as anyone to see one of his quarterbacks establish himself as the starter.

"That's the question that's going to be answered through the workouts this spring and in training camp this summer," Whisenhunt said. "They've both been working hard at it. It's been good to get out on the field and actually work on techniques and fundamentals with these guys. At times last year they both showed they can do good things. But consistency at that position is something we've got to improve on. So hopefully the competition between both of them will sharpen up one of them enough that he'll be a good starter for us."

Coach Whisenhunt also made mention that it would appear on the outside that Kolb would be the favorite due to his past performances and lofty contract, but that he wanted to go into camp with an open mind. You get the feeling that he and the coaching staff truly want to let the best man win this competition in the coming months.

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