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Calais Campbell Discusses Contract And Future With Xtra Sports 910

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell is a happy man. He signed his five-year, $55 million extension on Thursday, he's 25 years old, and he's ready to be a major cog on a rising defense and a team that won seven of their last nine games last season.

Campbell spoke with Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki on Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix recently to talk about what's going on with him and the team.

About the negotiation process: "It's been a long process. And it was a hard-fought process but it was a great process. The Cardinals organization definitely did a great job and I'm just so happy to be a Cardinal for a long time to come."

His expectations for the defense in 2012: "I think we can be great. ...I think that we can be a top-five defense in every category. That's our goal and that's what we want to be. Towards the end of last year we started having that confidence that we could beat anybody - anybody we get on the field with we can beat them. And when you have that confidence and you got out there and you play 16 games, you're gonna win a lot of games."

To read the rest of Campbell's interview, check it out here.

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