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Calais Campbell Picks Tupac, Kanye West Songs For Mother's Day

Calais Campbell recently became a very rich man, signing a five-year contract extension worth $55.5 million dollars. Despite his riches and stardom, Campbell is still ready to shower his mom with love this Sunday for Mother's Day.

He recently did an interview with Yahoo! Sports and dedicated three songs to his family. What were they? We'll tell you after the jump...

Here is a link to the video for you to check out.

The three songs? The first selection was, 'Dear Mama' by Tupac, a classic if I do say so myself.

The second was Kanye West's, 'Family Business', a song from his best album, The College Dropout.

The third and final song was, 'Farewell' by J. Cole.

Not only are these three great selections, but you can't help but realize how well-spoken and smart Calais is. You always worry about handing a young man such as himself that kind of guaranteed money, but there are few individuals in the NFL that are more deserving than he is.

Which three songs would you dedicate to your mom?

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