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Fantasy Football QB Rankings: Kevin Kolb Not Rated Highly

We are still months away from the start of even training camp for NFL teams, but as we all know, it is never too early to start thinking about fantasy football. Getting a leg up on your research could be the difference between winning and losing (or so they say).

No matter what you might think, when you look ahead to drafting a quarterback, you might not want to jump on Arizona Cardinals supposed starting QB Kevin Kolb. In the first rankings from Fake Teams, he is not anywhere near the top.

He is ranked 21st right now out of 36 players at his position.

The rankings note this about Kolb:

Kolb doesn't have excuses anymore. The Cardinals spent their first-round pick on Michael Floyd and now he has someone to go to besides a double-covered Fitz. Mike Miller also takes over as coordinator; he was promoted from passing game coordinator. Another sign AZ is ready to hand K-Squared the keys.

It is understandable that after his time off with injuries that it should be "buyer beware" when drafting Kolb. However, with a pass first offense, a full offseason to prepare and both Fitzgerald and Floyd, Kolb potentially could become a fantasy steal if drafting him in later rounds.

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