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Early 2012 NFL Odds Have Arizona Cardinals Favored In Only 5 Games

Yes, it is only May, but since the NFL and gambling do go hand-in-hand, it is never too early to have lines for the games being played in the fall. After releasing them in late June a year ago, Cantor Gaming released point spreads for all NFL games other than Week 17.

The Arizona Cardinals are not considered good winners. Of the 15 games they have lines for, they are only favored in five. Twice (both on the road) they are double-digit point underdogs, but those are games in Green Bay and in Foxborough.

See the weekly breakdown for the point spreads for each of the games that the Cardinals have in 2012.

Week 1 vs Seattle Seahawks, 2-point favorites

Week 2 at New England Patriots, 13-point underdogs

Week 3 vs Philadelphia Eagles, 3-point underdogs

Week 4 vs Miami Dolphins, 2.5-point favorites

Week 5 at St. Louis Rams, 1-point underdogs

Week 6 vs Buffalo Bills, 2.5-point favorites

Week 7 at Minnesota Vikings, 1-point underdogs

Week 8 vs San Francisco 49ers, 3-point favorites

Week 9 at Green Bay Packers, 13-point underdogs

Week 11 at Atlanta Falcons, 6-point underdogs

Week 12 vs. St Louis Rams, 2.5-point favorites

Week 13 at New York Jets, 6.5-point underdogs

Week 14 at Seattle Seahawks, 4-point underdogs

Week 15 vs Detroit Lions, 1.5-point underdogs

Week 16 vs Chicago Bears, 1-point underdog

You can talk more Cardinals over at Revenge of the Birds.

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