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Calais Campbell Signs Five-Year, $55 Million Dollar Deal With Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals locked up a key member of their defense on Thursday, signing defensive end Calais Campbell to a five-year extension. While team policy is to keep financial numbers private, contract details were bound to leak out eventually. According to a tweet from Jason LaCanfora, the new deal is worth $55 million dollars over the course of the next five years.

Everyone figured Campbell was set to be rewarded handsomely for his great work both on and off the field, and these numbers match what most had figured once the contract extension was announced. You've got to pay your star players if a team hopes to keep them around and happy, and the Cardinals clearly feel that Campbell is a player worth building around for years to come.

For comparisons sake, Darnell Dockett received a contract worth up to $48.5 million back in 2010, with $30 million of that guaranteed.

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