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NFL Draft Grades [Video]: Cardinals Get Top Grade Of NFC West, QB Lindley A Sleeper?

The SB Nation Studios team got together after the NFL Draft to grade the different teams in the NFC West. The Arizona Cardinals got the highest draft grade of the division -- a B+. They liked the pick of receiver Michael Floyd and the potential of adding a new dimension to the Arizona offense.

They saw the value pick of the Cardinals draft as being tackle Bobby Massie. That has to be the most logical choice, being that Cardinals fans were screaming and pleading that they take him in the third round. To have him fall to the fourth round was something very strange. But he has the potential to start from day one at right tackle.

The most interesting part of the breakdown was the commentary about one of the Cards' sixth round picks. They saw QB Ryan Lindley as a potential sleeper. He certainly has potential (meaning he hasn't done it yet), but has accuracy issues (think Derek Anderson). However, the possibility is there.

Check out the whole video of the division after the jump.