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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Talking Free Agent Grades, NFL Rules For Cardinals

The offseason has been quiet for the Arizona Cardinals for the most part, meaning there is not a ton of news, but Joe and Tyler still have things to talk about on the latest episode of the Arizona Birdgang podcast. ESPN gave each team free agent grades and the Cardinals came up near the bottom with a 'D'. Joe explains why this is not quite fair.

Tyler breaks down the offensive linemen that could be available for the Cardinals to draft at number 13. Find out why he wouldn't pick any of the tackles at that spot.

The new NFL rules that were approved during the owners meetings were also discussed. How will the new overtime rules affect the Cardinals? What about new replay rules?

All of this and much more were discussed in this week's episode of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. To listen in on the show, use the embedded player below or follow the direct link if you are using your mobile phone. Thanks for listening!

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