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NFL Preseason Schedules Expected To Be Released Wednesday

The NFL is king of knowing how to keep fans paying attention. They play one game a week. Then the playoffs start. Then the NFL Combine. The free agency. The NFL Draft is later this month.

On Tuesday, there were uniform announcements that, strangely enough, had people paying attention.

Next up on the attention list is the expected announcement of the full preseason schedule.

We already know that the Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints will kick off the preseason schedule with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. That will be played as an additional game to those team's schedule on August 5.

Now, we all know that the preseason games are played largely by reserves and eventual unemployed football players, but nonetheless, it is football. We have to pay attention.

Cardinals fans, like fans around the country will be excited to find out who their teams will be facing in meaningless football games.

You're excited, admit it.

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