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2012 Cardinals Offseason: Nike Uniforms Reveiled

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the Nike launch of the new NFL jerseys for this season. But the Arizona Cardinals didn't see that much change - if anything.

When the Cardinals hit the field this season, you'll still be able to recognize that good ol' Larry Fitzgerald no. 11 with no problem as the Cardinals were one of the teams that didn't see too much change in their jerseys.

Part of the reason could be that the Cardinals have one of the more updated styles of jerseys in the league and didn't really need too much altering anyway. They did, however, get new gloves developed and they are quite stylish and different. They should definitely pop for Fitzgerald as he snatches passes out of the air.

But if you were looking for major changes in the Cardinals jerseys this season, you will be disappointed in the outcome.

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