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Arizona Cardinals Draft Pick Justin Bethel May Remind You Of Adrian Wilson (Video)

The Arizona Cardinals took Presbyterian cornerback Justin Bethel in the sixth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday. He is freakishly athletic. The Cardinals list him on the roster now as a safety. Oddly enough, they once drafted a freakishly athletic safety many years ago -- Adrian Wilson.

Now we know nothing about how Bethel will be compared to Wilson on the field, although if he is anywhere near Wilson, he will have been a HUGE success.

But there is something that they have in common -- mad hops.

Adrian Wilson became a YouTube star with his video in which he jumped over a 66 inch high bar. Here it is:

Bethel also is a YouTube sensation. He jumped on top of a 60-inch high box from a standing position. Here is that one:

I'm not sure which is more impressive, but they both are amazing.

Let's hope that athleticism translates in to something worthwhile on the field.

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