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2012 NFL Draft: More On Cardinals 3rd Round Pick Jamell Fleming

Sometimes the draft isn't about prospecting and speculation but taking the best player on the board at that time, regardless of whether or not he fits directly into your squad. Or that at least seems to be the reasoning behind the Arizona Cardinals picking Oklahoma Sooner cornerback Jamell Fleming, making him the ninth cornerback on the squad that will be looking for playing time.

The Cardinals were very high on Fleming and felt that they couldn't pass him by. Ken Wisenhunt said:

In the Big 12, they spread you out and he did a nice job in some of those games when he was forced into that role. With today's NFL, you know you are going to see multiple-receiver sets, and you can't have enough of these kinds of guys.

Many pundits and fans were expecting the Cardinals to draft a little bit more for need this year and to try and plug some holes on the offensive line through the draft. GM Rod Graves said that isn't the case and that there will be multiple chances to do that as the year progresses.

We're looking for an opportunity to address the offensive line, but you don't want to do it at the expense of other players who bring more to your football team. We feel like Jamell certainly has the potential to do that.

Wisenhunt also liked what Fleming can bring to special teams. From Wisenhunt's post-draft day comments it is clear that the Cardinals were drafting the best player on the board and not for a perceived need.

We didn’t try and fit a perceived need as compared to finding a fit for you, and that’s what we see Jamell as.

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