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NFL Draft 2012: Ken Whisenhunt Comments On Draft Pick Michael Floyd

Cardinals GM Rod Graves noted after the fact that while Arizona was sitting at the 13th pick, there were trade offers in hand. In the end, they decided WR Michael Floyd was just too good to pass up.

"There's been a lot of talk about us needing a No. 2 (receiver)," Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "We've added another good young player to the mix.

"One of the things our defense said is when you have a player like that it can create matchup problems."

When you have a receiver like Floyd, you can certainly cause mismatch problems. When you have a receiver like Floyd opposite one Larry Fitzgerald, the word "problems" could probably be substituted with "nightmares".

This idea is not lost on the Cardinals star receiver either, who had been lobbying with the front office to draft Floyd with the 13th pick. Fitz may lose a few targets, but it simply makes the Cardinals offense as a whole that much more dangerous.

Said Whisenhunt: "I think it says a lot about Larry when one of your best players is engaged with what the team is doing and when a receiver, who wants the ball thrown to him every down, is willing to bring in a guy that will spread the receptions out."

That said...

"Larry is not as involved in the process as much as a lot of people think he is. But certainly, Larry likes him."

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