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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Mayock Has Arizona Cardinals Taking Riley Reiff

The Arizona Cardinals have one pressing need above all others: Upgrading their offensive line. Arizona had some of the worst pass protection in the league last year and they were always scrambling to protect their quarterbacks. Without better offensive line talent, it's unlikely that the team will be able to move much further than they've already gone.

Mike Mayock released his lone mock draft on, and the Cardinals end up taking tackle Riley Reiff or the Iowa Hawkeyes with their pick. Again, it fills a huge position of need for Arizona and could upgrade them as a team.

Arizona at No. 13 is interesting because the Cardinals could use a wideout. However, playing in the NFC West, you better have some physicality and toughness. Reiff is a plug-and-play right tackle. He's not ready to play on the left side, but he's physical, tough and he'll compete with that San Francisco defense.

Check out the video below of Mayock explaining his pick further.

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