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Vontaze Burfict Believes Team That Drafts Him Gets A Great Linebacker

Vontaze Burfict was considered one of the top talents in the 2012 NFL Draft, but now it appears like he's falling off of draft boards for reasons that might be unrelated to his play on the field. Burfict did have a lot of emotional issues in college, but that shouldn't detract from his overall level of performance. He can play very well when he's wired right and has a lot of physical talent; he just needs to learn how to control it.

Chris Fedor transcribed an audio interview with Burfict, who joined up with Glenn Clark on WNST Baltimore to learn more about the linebacker. How good can he be?

What he would like teams to know about him that they may not already:

"Just hope that they know I’m a soft-spoken guy. The guy I am on the field, I’m not the same guy off the field. When I’m off the field, I’m more sitting down, more of a chill guy, don’t do too much partying, and when I’m on the field I’m just angrier, don’t like to lose, have a passion for the game and love to hit. Me and off the field are just two different things and people have it mixed up. They think I’m the same people off the field and it’s totally different."

You can listen to the Burfict interview by clicking here.

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