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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Take Riley Reiff

The Arizona Cardinals have one pressing need in the 2012 NFL Draft: Pass protection. The Cardinals do have a first round pick in the 13th spot, and they really need to upgrade their offensive line to ensure that their quarterbacks aren't always running for their lives in the pocket. The Cardinals gave up way too many sacks last year

DraftTek releases their latest mock, and the Cardinals do take the best offensive tackle prospect on the board, one Riley Reiff of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Reiff could be a good fit at one of the tackle positions and provide at least more quality depth.

Arizona just keeps getting lucky. I would be truly surprised to see Reiff fall this far on draft day, but Arizona would be fools not to scoop him up should the opportunity present itself. Arizona had one of the worst statistical offensive lines in the league last year. They brought back their LT at a reduced rate to play RT and let their RT walk in free agency. Look for Reiff to step in and start on the left side from day one.

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