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2012 NFL Draft: Vontaze Burfict A 'Non-Draftable Kid' According to Mike Mayock

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Well, things keep going from bad to worse for former Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who after an hour long conference call ranging on a number of topics, the NFL Network's Mike Mayock claims Burfict is 'non-draftable' after taking part in no workouts from teams and showing less that average skills at both the combine and ASU pro day.

"I put his tape on with absolutely zero preconceived notions," Mayock explained in a Thursday conference call with media. "I watched three tapes and really didn't like him as a football player.

"I think he's a non-draftable kid. For me, he's a free agent."

Burfict was somehow seen as a top pick towards the end of last season, but continually starting to show chinks in the armor throughout the season and into the offseason. Hopefully there he can change the minds of someone out there in the NFL, but at this moment, his future in the NFL is about as bright as a black hole.

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