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Arizona Cardinals 2012 NFL Schedule

The 2012 NFL schedules were just released on TV, and the Arizona Cardinals get two national television appearances this year, with one Thursday Night appearance against the St. Louis Rams. The Cardinals look to improve on a 8-8 season, although they won't have an easy time trying to get past the defending NFC West champs, the San Francisco 49ers, who they'll have to play twice, including one game on Monday Night Football in Week 8.

Week 1: Sunday, September 9th, vs. Seattle Seahawks, 1:15 PM PT

Week 2: Sunday, September 16th, at New England Patriots,10 AM PT

Week 3: Sunday, September 23rd, vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 1:05 PM PT

Week 4: Sunday, September 30th, vs. Miami Dolphins, 1:05 PM PT

Week 5: Thursday, October 4th, at St. Louis Rams, 5:20 PM PT

Week 6: Sunday, October 14th, vs. Buffalo Bills, 1:05 PM PT

Week 7: Sunday, October 21st, at Minnesota Vikings, 10 AM PT

Week 8: Monday, October 29th, vs. San Francisco 49ers, 5:30 PM PT

Week 9: Sunday, November 4th, at Green Bay Packers, 10 AM PT

Week 10: Bye

Week 11: Sunday, November 18th, at Atlanta Falcons, 10 AM PT

Week 12: Sunday, November 25th, vs. St. Louis Rams, 1:15 PM PT

Week 13: Sunday, December 2nd, at New York Jets, 10 AM PT

Week 14: Sunday, December 9th, at Seattle Seahawks, 1:15 PM PT

Week 15: Sunday, December 16th, vs. Detroit Lions, 1:05 PM PT

Week 16: Sunday, December 23rd, vs. Chicago Bears, 1:15 PM PT

Week 17: Sunday, December 30th, at San Francisco 49ers, 1:15 PM PT

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