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Kevin Kolb Talks About Peyton Manning, His Health And More

Kevin Kolb had a humbling summer. After finishing his season early due to injury, Kolb then watched an offseason filled with speculation over the Arizona Cardinals possibly adding Peyton Manning to the roster. But with all of that seemingly behind him, Kolb sat down with XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix to discuss various things surrounding the upcoming season and it looks like his head is in the right place.

On dealing with the Peyton Manning situation:

"Obviously with some of the stuff that's gone on at my position, it's good to put it behind us and move forward and focus on winning games. That's the most important thing."

On how long he felt concussion symptoms after the season ended:

"It lingered for about three weeks - if I remember correctly - once I went back home. And that was a little longer than I expected. But a-okay now, everything's checked out. I feel back to normal"

On having a full offseason to work with this time around:

"Oh, it's huge. I mean, everybody was dealt a different role last year. And that's something you just gotta adjust and go on with. But it is nice. It's nice not only for the reasons that are apparent as far as OTAs and practices and going through the playbook and running through cut-ups. This time of year is for fine detail. ...But I think one thing that most people don't realize is, this is where you build chemistry as a team."

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