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Arizona Cardinals' QB Plan Is Actually A Plan, Despite How It Looks

On Friday it was rumored that the Arizona Cardinals might have interest in free agent quarterback Vince Young. Why? According to Gregg Rosenthal at, it is because the Cardinals essentially have no plan at the quarterback position. In his words, it is the "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" plan at quarterback.

While it is true that it looks like Ken Whisenhunt and the Cards are simply guessing, they have had a plan.

Unfortunately, things end up changing. But it certainly isn't just tossing stuff at the wall.

The original "plan" was for Matt Leinart to grab the starting position and run with it. He didn't...and then undermined his coach, leading to his release. That plan didn't work.

That led to Derek Anderson, who was, well, Derek Anderson. The only reason why he was signed by the Cards was because Marc Bulger had not yet been released by the Rams. Anderson played poorly and Max Hall got a shot, but he was worse and then had his year end with an injury. Back to Anderson -- then he gets a concussion.

John Skelton played and he wasn't even supposed to sniff the grass on the field, much less lead the offense. He still has a lot to learn.

That led to the next plan. That plan was to acquire Kevin Kolb. They did that, but he was hurt most of the year. Plan derailed.

John Skelton played sometimes awful, sometimes brilliant.

Then a surprise plan came up. Peyton Manning was available. So they put their Kolb plan in a folder for a bit to look at Manning. He picked the Broncos, so they pulled out the other plan they were happy with.

Yes, the Cards have had to change gears with their plan a few times. But that doesn't mean they are just throwing crap at the wall.

However, it does make Rosenthal seem like he is the one throwing stuff at the wall in regards to Vince Young. Their is no interest in Young. That was confirmed by Kent Somers. It would make no sense to pay Kolb $7 million only to go after Young.

Do the Cardinals have a QB plan? Yes. Has that plan always worked? No. But it is and has always been a plan, not just guessing.