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NFL Draft 2012: Vontaze Burfict Yet To Workout With Any Teams

Scouting gurus around the web have said for weeks that Vontaze Burfict's draft stock has dropped more than anyone else's. Once projected to be an early round selection, many are wondering if Burfict will even have his name called come draft weekend. This latest report should be very concerning for the talented-yet-troubled linebacker.

It is almost guaranteed now that Burfict won't be drafted until the sixth or seventh round at the very earliest. He'll be labeled a sleeper by most, and his potential is limitless should he get the right guidance and coaching -- maybe in Baltimore or New England? -- but the chances of his amounting to nothing are also high. I'm sure a team somewhere with a few extra late-round picks will take a chance on him, but he isn't exactly helping himself by not getting interviews with potential employers.

The 2012 NFL Draft is scheduled for two weekends from now.

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