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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Select Riley Reiff

The Arizona Cardinals have managed to fulfill plenty of needs in free agency, but there are plenty of things they could still fix up. One of them is pass protection to protect their quarterbacks. Both John Skelton and Kevin Kolb experienced injuries last season that knocked them out of games. Picking up an offensive lineman in the first round they feel confident in could be a wise investment.

DraftTek has released his latest mock, and Arizona picks the offensive tackle Riley Reiff from Iowa to try and ensure better protection against the pass rush.

Arizona's dream scenario. By signing Adam Snyder and bringing back Levi Brown, the Cardinals have shored up both guard spots and one tackle position but they are still in need of another tackle, preferably someone that can play on the left side. Reiff would be a steal at this point and would be an absolute dream for the Cardinals, who desperately need a franchise left tackle. Reiff would be a day one starter on the left side, making the Cardinals offensive line a much stronger unit.

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