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NFL Mock Draft 2012: What If It Weren't Serious?

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At this time of year, everyone has a mock draft to project at the least the first round of the NFL Draft. Most are serious and try to correctly predict how the round goes. But what about a mock draft that is not serious at all?

That is what one writer tried to do.

Over at Big Cat Country, this mock draft is lighter and not at all serious.

At number 13 in the draft, where the Cardinals will select, rather than pick up a tackle, they go with a blast from the past. Rod Tidwell! Remember him? That would be the fictional character in Jerry Maguire.

It's been a while since the Cardinals had any buzz around their franchise. Time to bring back the excitement that Tidwell brought to the Cardinals. This time for real.

Equally funny is the pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. They drafted real QB Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M. The comments:

"We were really looking hard for a not-so-good player that we could keep on the bench for two seasons then trade to the Cardinals for a king's ransom."


Read the whole round. It is great.