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Arizona Cardinals DL Nick Eason Boxes With Fan, Invites More [Video]

Not too long ago, we told the story about how Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Nick Eason was looking for someone to spar with him -- anyone. That event finally happened. Chris Carrillo, a local Cardinals fan and reader of Revenge of the Birds, our SB Nation Cardinals blog, took Eason up on the challenge and showed up Monday morning at a local boxing gym in Scottsdale.

The two sparred with body shots for four rounds, two minutes each. Now, if you don't know, Eason is a big guy, listed at 6-3, 305 lbs. Carrillo is 5-8 and 175. But that didn't matter. Both wore themselves out, but Eason gave Carrillo props, calling him several times a "tough cookie."

Carrillo was rewarded for being the first and only guy to take up the offer. As a result, Eason is giving him tickets to any home game this coming season. Not bad.

As you can tell by watching, by the end of the match, both were gassed. They went into their "Namaste" pose, as Eason called it, where they lay, arms out, on their back.

Eason welcomed anyone and everyone to head down to the gym here and take him on. They will take anyone -- just $20.

Aside from the likely agreement that Eason has to promote the gym, this is a great way to interact with fans. Hopefully he can do it again.

Check out the video:

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