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NFL Draft 2012: Vontaze Burfict A 'Late Round Value Pick' According To Cleveland Browns

After being part of a locker room fight during the preseason, having a less than stellar showing on the field in 2011, and executing poorly in both interviews and events at the NFL combine have all been part of the recipe that has had Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict watch his draft stock take a serious tumble over the past few months.

But according to one source close to the situation, the Cleveland Browns are somewhat interested in bringing in the troubled linebacker, as ESPN Cleveland reports that the team just may end up drafting Burfict.

"It would be a late round value pick," one source noted, and that anywhere higher for a player with all of his 'red flags' would be out of the question. Do the Browns feel that they could make use of a project player like Burfict? It may take a season or two, but if they see value, they certainly should jump on it.

Burfict blamed coaches for his poor junior year at pre-combine interviews, attempting to justify punching teammate Kevin Ozier in the face after practice earlier in the year. He also had the second worst vertical leap among linebackers and the worst broad jump at the combine, and was a no-go in both the bench press and shuttle run.

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